Taking off

With Bravo1


Bravo1 Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated company working from the headquarters of Sisley Clothing Australia, which has been manufacturing specialist, custom-made flight suits and tactical wear in Newcastle since 1997. The company culture aligns to outperform our competitors and achieve strategical advancement in all sectors of the clothing industry.

By creating Bravo1, we’ve taken our passion for the aviation sector to the next level. With our industry knowledge and eye for style, we are well equipped to offer you a specially selected assortment of military-inspired clothing and streetwear.




Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries is an American clothing manufacturer founded in 1959 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Initially as a contractor to the United States military, the company grew into an international commercial seller of American military style and fashion apparel.

Alpha Industries continues to produce high-performance outerwear worn by military and civilians alike.


Inspired by military heritage apparel and the popularity of the Top Gun navy school, Top Gun® Fashion was founded in 1996 in Queens, New York. Our jackets are designed with military, history and usability in mind. When crafting our jackets, we use the very technical specs that pilots wear when they fly, putting quality first. The Top Gun® lifestyle maintains its passion for performance and style with a sophisticated casualness that is decidedly subtle and elevated in its quality and workmanship.


Quality apparel for pilots and adventurers

In 1999 Red Canoe was conceived in a bush plane over the pristine wilderness of Northern Ontario.

Designed in Canada, our heritage-inspired apparel celebrates flight and exploration.

Wilkinson decided to create a product line inspired by Canadian icons with great stories like the DHC-2 Beaver. Many of these stories were unknown, fading from memory or taken for granted. Those few individuals that knew them well would welcome any banner that invited the uninitiated to take interest.


Serieux is a fashion brand influenced by contemporary arts, culture and the Australian lifestyle. The youth run movement is an inclusive community based upon expressing individuality and passion through Serieux fashion.

We strive to create the perfect mix of high-end streetwear and fashion High quality timeless pieces that embrace the current generation. Our designs are meant to be seen, and they are made to last.



Do outdoor athletes, soldiers and hunters have a common ground? As different as these areas are, a common denominator can still be found. All three groups have to rely at all times fully on clothing and/or equipment in the respective application areas. Clothing and equipment not only offer protection and security, but can also be extremely important for survival in dangerous situations.